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Diversity In Leadership Program

The Xposeyour Diversity In Leadership Program (DILP) was designed to develop impactful leaders from ethnic minority communities and partner with organizations to support their strategies to foster an inclusive workplace and retain a diverse workforce. DILP prepares your high-achieving contributors to become part of your next generation of senior leadership. Led by Shara Hutchinson, a TEDx Speaker and skilled business leader, participants develop core leadership competencies and confidence, empowering them to remain engaged at work and deliver results for key corporate goals. 

Jeanne Sahadi (CNN Business) wrote, "Black professionals in 2018 held just 3.3% of all executive or senior leadership roles, which are defined as within two reporting levels of the CEO, according to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.” This program was designed to help organizations improve this statistic.


Let us help you retain top talent, develop a pipeline of diverse leaders, support your strategic initiatives, and ultimately affect the bottom line.

Benefits to participants


  • Build Confidence and proficiency to get to the next level in your leadership capacity.

  • Hands-on training in 12 leadership competencies.

  • Expand your network and influence by building strong professional relationships.


Benefits to your organization

  • Develop a pipeline of diverse leaders to support a more inclusive workplace and to have leadership bench strength.

  • Incentivize high performers to seek in-house advancement rather than outside opportunities through a culture that promotes leadership development. 

  • Prepares your high-achieving contributors to become part of your next generation of senior leadership, improve execution, and develop an organization that is effective, adaptable, and empowered.

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