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In a world where change is unavoidable, individualized, collaborative expert assistance that is both cost-effective and scientifically supported is essential. I started Xposeyour to provide these types of solutions for businesses and leaders.

Xposeyour combines science-based tools with established frameworks to empower all leaders to navigate change while keeping their employees and customers happy. Our professional consultants work with you and your strategic plan to create a customized approach and help you develop people and unlock their potential to solve problems and deliver outcomes.

From the Barefoot Method to the Predictive Index software, we provide everything you need to boost retention, engagement, and productivity so you can build high-performing customer-centric teams who enjoy working together every day. 

Let us help you "expose" your solutions! 

~Shara Hutchinson

About Shara Hutchinson

With a Master’s Degree in Business and a Bachelor's Degree in Technical Management, Shara Hutchinson is the CEO of Xposeyour. Shara is a TEDx Speaker and International Best-Selling Author, including Barefoot In The Boardroom and being a co-author of 1 Habit of the World’s Great Leaders: Life-Changing Habits to Unlock Your True Leadership Potential. She is a technology-oriented executive and customer success professional with over 17 years of leadership experience and a proven track record of developing and implementing operational strategies and technologies that creatively enhance the customer experience while supporting key business initiatives. Shara is a change agent with extensive experience delivering value and leveraging customer feedback to ensure long-term relationships that drive retention and recurring revenue expansion. 

She has a specialty in transforming teams from the startup phase to the enterprise level by scaling processes to match growth and strengthening cohesion inter-departmentally. She is passionate about optimizing the customer experience to drive results, building high-performing customer-centric teams by hiring right the first time, developing existing employees, and motivating professionals. 

When Shara is not working, she spends time making memories with her husband and son, whom it took eight years and 4 IVF cycles to conceive. It was difficult to imagine being a mom during that journey, but after each obstacle, she kept trying until she achieved the desired result. As a result of this experience, Shara published I STILL Want To Be A Mom: An Inspirational Guide To Help Women Struggling With Infertility to help other women going through a similar struggle. When Shara wants something, she finds a way to achieve it.  This tenacity applies to business results as well.  


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