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We use the Xposeyour Change Management Process, the BAREFOOT Method™, and talent optimization tools to help organizations and leaders accomplish their most ambitious goals by employing proven frameworks that identify and equip next-level leaders to develop high-performing customer-centric teams.

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Barefoot in the Boardroom is a practical change management manual for executives looking for a proven methodology that can break down a huge vision into manageable chunks. 

About Barefoot in the Boardroom

Barefoot in the Boardroom will scale an organization, team, or department to not only identify the right strategic initiatives but to execute those initiatives and sustain success. Within Barefoot in the Boardroom, business leaders will find a vast array of proven techniques and strategies to apply. Shara Hutchinson’s “Exposeyour™” Leadership Capacity approach includes the nine leadership competencies needed to develop a high-performing team, while her encouragement of vision teaches leaders how to align their business strategy with their team, ensuring that they have the right people in the right seats to get the right results.


Shara also introduces the “Barefoot Method™”—which is her signature change management strategy that can be applied to any organization, team, or department to ensure it is future-proofed. Barefoot in the Boardroom will challenge business professionals to break out of the box and innovate with the times. Each chapter offers clarity for strategic initiatives, key objectives, operational tactics, and measurable outcomes that encourages leaders to implement change and innovation in order to sustain professional longevity.