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Xposeyour Leadership Assessments

What is your leadership style when it comes to navigating change? Assess your leadership capacity and identify development opportunities to effectively lead your team through change by taking the FREE assessments below.


Contact us if you'd like to assess an entire team/department.

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As a leader, your team looks to you to help them navigate success during times of change. Effective transitions only work when you take a STAND in the following areas:

  • Be selfless. Make decisions that are best for your team — not yourself.

  • Be tactful. Consider how changes impact everyone. Communicate with empathy and in a timely fashion. 

  • Be aware. Know why changes are being made and the expected benefits. Build trust by speaking intelligently about progress, potential problems and proactive measures being taken. 

  • Be nimble. Be quick to comprehend, ask for clarification, think and brainstorm solutions.

  • Be daring. Difficult conversations are necessary. Be courageous to overcome resistance until you achieve desired results. 

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The culture of your organization is dependent on how you handle change, chaos, and comfort. This is the ongoing process that occurs in thriving businesses:

  • The leader introduces changes to future-proof the organization.

  • Those changes disrupt the culture, causing uncertainty and chaos.

  • Once changes have been accepted, they become the new norm, and everyone gets comfortable again.

  • The culture changes — for better or for worse — depending on the confidence and courage of its leaders.

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Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment

What drives you as a leader?

The Predictive Index measures behavioral drives, such as dominance, patience and formality, as well as cognitive ability. This assessment helps business leaders understand the needs of specific roles, teams, project and business strategies, and is particularly useful when it comes to managing change in an organization.

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