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Change management facilitates successful acceptance and implementation of change in the workplace. Using the frameworks and methodology from Barefoot in the Boardroom, Xposeyour Change Management equips organizations and leaders with the right tools and knowledge so they can adopt and embrace change, positioning them for future growth and sustainable success.

Change Management

  • Get a Change Readiness Assessment: Custom report and recommendations for successful change. 

  • Become a Barefoot Change Leader
    Virtual self-paced course of the Barefoot Method

  • Become a Barefoot Change Management Practitioner
    Three-day, in-person or virtual workshop 

  • Experience Xposeyour Change Management Consulting
    Custom consulting to guide your leadership team

  • Become a Certified Barefoot Consultant
    Ideal partners include management consultants and executive coaches

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Let Us Help You — Develop Leaders, Drive Change and Deliver Results

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