About Us

Shara Hutchinson founded Xposeyour in 2020 with the guiding philosophy that being exposed — to people, experiences and information — leads to change, growth and success. Shara runs the company along with her husband, Todd Hutchinson, who serves as the director of IT and finance.


As the company name implies, Xposeyour applies this principle and uses proven frameworks and assessment tools to help leaders navigate all phases of change, grow their organizations and succeed by keeping employees and customers happy. 


Xposeyour empowers executive leaders of rapidly growing small- to medium-sized organizations to optimize performance, adapt to change, solve staffing and personnel issues and fill performance-management process gaps to enhance hiring processes using a science-based approach.

From the Xposeyour Change Management Process to the BAREFOOT Method™ to other talent optimization tools, Xposeyour provides comprehensive techniques to help organizations and leaders accomplish their most ambitious goals as well as identify and equip rising leaders to develop high-performing, customer-centric teams.

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If you want results, Xposeyour self — and your organization — to possibilities. 

Every leader and company has its own set of unique challenges. That’s why Xposeyour approaches each of its clients with fresh eyes to develop highly customized strategies. Whether you want to build a dream team, increase productivity, engage employees or improve practices that affect your bottom line, Xposeyour will meet and exceed expectations.